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Let’s make it bloom again

The Gold Reef Rose Society has undertaken a project with City Parks & Ludwig’s Egoli at the Emmarentia Botanical Gardens Rose Garden – “Let’s Make It Bloom Again”

Recently, GRRS members, Ludwig’s Egoli & City Parks met in the morning & pruned all the bushes that were still there. A big job but DONE!

To restore the Rose Garden, 4 000 roses will be needed! Ludwig’s Egoli (& only at this Ludwig’s branch) are offering a very generous offer and package to anyone who will be part of our “Let’s Make It Bloom Again.” The deal is this:

Purchase 4 PRE-SELECTED roses from Ludwig’s Egoli and a bag of planting mix for R599.40. The reason it is pre-selected is that Yvette at Ludwig’s has the layout of the gardens and knows what should be planted in the relevant beds.

If you sign up to this above offer you may also take advantage of 4 roses and planting mix for your own garden at the same price.
All sponsors would have to contact Barbara, pay into the GRRS account and then the roses will be set aside.

It will not be a ‘quick’ fix. The soil must be treated and added to, City Parks need to get their irrigation system operational. And they are already busy on it. Lower 2 fountains are working which they were not when we were there pruning. We envisage this taking 18 months but it would be nice to get it done quicker.

Barbara can be contacted on goldreefrosesociety@gmail.com or WAp text 083 985 8632 

For more details see https://www.facebook.com/JohannesburgGardenClub?cft[0]=AZWdCvLt7iY43BzxulbWKRQmEBxQfmPBkJS9nQ3rH0XQxQDPBDbcHJvB0sKOgdQ1QoTB6fOfuAadoKWcBj4adsyZbfOHZKr9HS9zle611205Tc5nfrue2U1qpPoccrQITYB-iVDdZy2N3lM8sFjAse3zUQNWm-eGsFdy3uDsISjABw6r7grHUDtA8QBG82GhFiZmaawOGBa7_bt3V2XLLd97&tn=-UC*F

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