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Borer reaches Emmarentia

Plane trees on the pavements in neighbouring suburb, Parktown North, are covered with PSHB stickers showing that they are infected with the shot hole borer.

On August 24 concerned residents from Greenside and Emmarentia met in Greenside to listen to an expert from Jhb Urban Forest Alliance (Jufa) and an arborist and then walk the streets to see if our pavement trees were also infected.

We started in Greenside. Drive down Taylor Road that runs next to Greenside primary if you want to see badly infected trees. Those infected have PSHB stickers, one is very badly infected, it looks like it has measles.

We only had time to do a preliminary look on The Braids in Emmarentia and spotted one infected tree. See if you can spot it – it is marked with a big PSHB sticker on the pavement on the corner of The Braids and Marico Roads. There may be others.

The infected tree – corner Marico and The Braids
A hole the size of the tip of a pen and damp marks on the trunk of the tree are sure signs of the borer

We need your help

We need more volunteers to walk the streets again to examine our pavement trees, especially the plane trees which are reproductive hosts for the borer. If anyone would like to assist, please e-mail: