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Fight crime in our suburb – load the Bull Horns App


During April 2018, crime spiked in Emmarentia and surrounding suburbs. ERA called a public meeting to discuss the perceived increase in criminal incidents. Very few people attended the public meeting. However at that meeting ERA’s security subcommittee (ERASS) was then formed to implement greater security. ERA is committed to try and establish a partnership relationship with key security providers.

Five weeks ago, ERA’s security subcommittee (ERASS) put out a communication announcing that CAP together with the Bull Horns panic button App, were going to offer residents a one-month free trial.

The offering is still being put together but is taking longer than we expected – probably another month or two to finalise. The objective is to ensure that we apply our minds to ensure an effective and workable solution before it can be launched.

We are negotiating with relevant stakeholders to resolve:

  • How the implementation of the app is aligned with the security vendor’s operational systems to ensure efficiencies
  • What contracts and mandates to put in place
  • What additional information needs to be gathered, leaving room for public input

In the meantime, ERASS suggests that residents download the Bull Horns app to see the effectiveness and value of the app. (tap on this link: http://onelink.to/g7tymz )

Once the app is downloaded:

  • Because no contract has yet been signed with any security vendor, do not select your security company from the drop-down menu in the field called “Emergency contacts”
  • Instead, type in your personal security company’s emergency number in the second row
  • Add the cell phone numbers of other people that are closest to you in the fields below

Should you need to put out a call for help (e.g. if you are being followed home) or report a suspicious person (e.g. an abusive car guard), “PRESS THE PANIC BUTTON” on your phone. The app will send sms messages with your GPS co-ordinates to your friends and family. It will also immediately call your security company. It’s much easier and so much more efficient and effective than you looking for the number, dialling it or sending Whatsapp messages!


5 June 2018