Emmarentia Residents Association info@era.org.za (000) 111-1111

Emmarentia residents are concerned citizens

Only about 10% of households in Emmarentia are ERA members. But we know you are looking out for each other despite your busy lives.

We know of cases where neighbours have called the cops and the security companies when there were signs that there was domestic abuse happening next door to them, and then gave support to the victims.

And then there were those of you last year who after some cyclists were mugged in the park and others had their bicycles removed from them on the spruit, organised early morning patrols with cyclists, runners and a patrol car situated at the hotspots.

Let’s not forget those residents who organised Halloween (see story on this page) and others who supported ‘Christmas in July’ with donations and gave their time to help out at the Eventide Home on that day.

 Whatsapp groups are doing a huge job to keep everyone informed of security issues, butterfly migrations(!), load-shedding and everything else. Ask your neighbour to join you up or check here for some of the Emmarentia whatsapp groups: https://era.org.za/join-a-whatsapp-group-in-your-street/

If you are involved in any project that is helping others in the suburb, please e-mail info@era.org.za so we can cover the story in this newsletter.