Emmarentia Residents Association info@era.org.za (000) 111-1111

About ERA

The Emmarentia Residents Association (ERA) is composed of residents from the suburb of Emmarentia in Johannesburg.

The position of Secretary on ERA’s Executive Committee (Exco) is currently vacant (as at May 2019) as are the positions of security and infrastructure. If any resident is keen or wants more information about these positions, please e-mail info@era.org.za (Note: all Exco positions are voluntary – there is no remuneration for the task).

The job of a secretary is to draft the agenda, attend and take the minutes of the monthly meetings, and the annual general meeting.

The task of the infrastructure person is to keep an eye on infrastructure in the area and follow up with the relevant authority or the councillor when infrastructure is failing.

The task of the security person is to liaise with the Parkview CPF and attend their meetings where possible, attend regular meetings of CAP and other related issues.

Committee Members:  
Chairperson Ayanda Mjekula (acting in security portfolio)
Vice chair Cassim Boorany
Treasurer Brian Askew
Communication Claire Hoffmann
Green spaces and events Anne Askew
Secretary Samantha Terblanche
Newsletter/website/history Jenny Grice
Infrastructure Vacant
Town planning, building plans, heritage Gemey Abrahams