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Beware fake City Power officials

Worried over residents’ stories of receiving huge electricity bills that residents had to pay to avoid being cut-off while the problem was resolved, Emmarentia resident, Tineke Wulffers, converted to a pre-paid meter. She thought her problems were over.

But one Friday recently, City Power contractors arrived at her door wanting to make sure that she hadn’t connected her pre-paid meter illegally. She let them in, they took photos of the meter. Then the following Monday, City Power returned. They wanted to audit again. She became suspicious and refused them entry. However when she saw them cutting off her electricity, she phoned Felicity Gratz-Lawlor from Let’s Work. Fortunately with Felicity’s help the problem was resolved. City Power again checked her meter and reconnected her.

According to City Power, thieves, posing as City Power contractors, are stealing pre-paid meters and then installing them and connecting them illegally for customers.

Tineke recommends that residents call their security company to accompany the City Power contractor. Or get your security company to borrow the contractor’s phone to take a photo of the meter and then return it to the contractor.

Despite her ordeal Tineke still recommends that residents convert to pre-paid—‘monthly it’s cheaper’. Upfront charges are R4000 and to convert means you have to visit the Braamfontein offices in Jorissen Street twice (secure parking in de Korte Street) – first to fill in the application form and then a few weeks later to pay the R4000.

Note that City Power are entitled to audit your meter once a month AND can cut off your electricity if you refuse them entry.