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Planning new additions to your house?

Planning new additions to your house?

If you’re planning on making alterations or additions to your existing home in Emmarentia, just a reminder that there are regulations that you need to follow. Follow these steps below to avoid disappointment. And remember that most houses in Emmarentia are older than 60 years which also requires you to follow heritage rules laid down in law.

STEP 1. Title deeds: Check your title deeds before proceeding with building works. There are clauses that require you to get your plans scrutinised and signed off on (eg if you want to use corrugated iron or IBR roofing) by the Louw Geldenhuys Family Trust (LGT) before you get them approved by the City Council. The ERA acts on the family’s behalf for residents’ convenience. Contact Gemey Abrahams on info@era.org.za

STEP 2: Heritage requirements: Check when your house was built. If it is 60 years or older, any alteration, addition or demolition is subject to Section 34. (1) of the National Heritage Act. In Gauteng the Provincial Heritage Resources Agency – Gauteng (PHRA-G) is responsible for vetting. ERA acts for them in Emmarentia.

Before requesting ERA to visit the property, please provide original house plans and the heritage report. We encourage all residents to be mindful of retaining our unique Emmarentia heritage when doing building alterations. Heritage letters required by PHRA-G cost R900 (which may include a site inspection), payable to ERA. Contact Gemey Abrahams on info@era.org.za

STEP 3: Confirm the town planning rights, including the precinct plan for Emmarentia, to see whether your planned changes comply with these rights.

STEP 4: Consult with adjoining neighbours (if your alterations are increasing the height of the existing building, you must also consult diagonally, and over the street)

STEP 5: Don’t leave building rubble on the sidewalk. However you may store new building materials on your sidewalk for a limited period if you get permission (a wayleave from the municipality).

STEP 6: Obtain approval for building plans. It is essential to obtain approved building plans before doing building alterations as this maintains the value of your property. If you don’t, you will find it difficult to sell your property if prospective purchasers require the building plans.

ERA charges a small fee for scrutinising building plans for LGT and PHRAG. The funds are used to support LGT and ERA. Contact Gemey Abrahams for detailed information with regard to these processes on info@era.org.za Fees are summarised below.

LGT building plans consent Fees*

Size of alteration/building Cost
For works less than 49m² R1 250
For works 50m² to 99m² R1 500
For works 100m² to 149m² R1 750
For works 150m² and greater R2 000
For any new build Residential 1: R2 500
  Residential 2, 3, 4: R1 100 per unit
Resubmission of plans (because of omission of any of the items required; or new plans needing endorsement) Half of the original fee levied
Telephonic conversation before submitting documents No charge
Special meeting or site visit ERA/LGT reserves the right to charge for this at R450 per hour levied at the sole discretion of ERA.

* Fees as at March 2018; subject to review.