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What to do if you lose power

Losing power can be really frustrating. Often it’s an area outage because of a fault and sometimes cable theft, particularly during load shedding. With these types of outages, power is restored relatively quickly.

It’s very important for everyone that is affected to report the outage so that City Power can narrow down the outage area and find the fault as quickly as possible.

If you find you are the only one who has lost power, it can take longer to be restored.

Whatever the situation, make sure you do the following:

  • Phone City Power on 0800 003 156 and get a reference OR report online at Citypower.mobi (you have to register first) (have your account number/meter number ready)
  • You will receive a SMS with the reference number and ongoing SMSes reporting progress
  • As soon as you have a reference number, Whatsapp to our Councillor Nicolene Jonker 063 479 4234 in the following format:
    • Name
    • Contact number
    • Address (of the outage)
    • Date reported
    • Reference given by City Power
    • Brief description of the problem
  • If there is no progress:
    • Area outage (after 4 hours) – escalate to 0800 003 156 (have your reference ready)
    • Individual outage (after 24 hours) – escalate to 0800 003 156 (have your reference ready)
    • And let Cllr Nicolene know that you have escalated by updating the details in the same format above and send her. (Sometimes you will be given a new reference number)