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Join ERA and put your energy into one of these portfolios

Portfolios in ERA

Chairperson—Ayanda Mjekula

Vice Chair – Cassim Boorany

Secretary—Samantha Terblanche

Treasurer—Brian Askew

Communication—Claire Hoffman

Green spaces and events—Anne Askew


Newsletter—Jenny Grice


Town planning, building plans, heritage—Gemey Abrahams


We also have two sub-committees—history and the environment. We would welcome new members.

The history sub-committee has started interviewing residents who have lived in the suburb for a long time. We have been recording their memories of the shops that were in the area; what they did then and what changes they have seen.

We need residents to suggest people to be interviewed and to do the interviews. We also want help identifying old buildings and landmarks to recognise with blue plaques.

The environment sub-committee was set up in 2018. We have worked closely with City Parks and organised Saturday morning clean-ups and the clearing of alien invasive plants in the dog-walking section of the park.

We stopped these when City Parks managed to employ contractors to work on the park full-time and when support from the community for the clean-up mornings waned.

This sub-committee has also been representing ERA in discussions on the upgrading of the top two dams in the dog-walking section of the park. The City employed consultants to come with a plan to get rid of the silt in the dams and find a better way to manage the sudden extreme flow of water into the dams during summer thunderstorms and ERA has been inputting into this process. The project is still in progress.

Come to the AGM or write to      info@era.org.za to find out more.