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City news from councillor David Hensman

COJ’s 2018/19 Budget:

  • The 2018/19 Operating Budget for the City is R51 billion and the Capital expenditure budget is R7.8 billion of which R3.1 billion is funded by Central and Provincial Government grants
  • The City is proposing to re-develop 83 properties in the inner city to promote economic growth
  • City Power has been allocated R20 million to repair existing public lighting and R120 million to install meters which do not require manual reading.
  • Joburg Water has been allocated additional operating budget for pipe replacement which will reduce pipe bursts by 6000.
  • Pikitup frontline staff will increase by 2800
  • An additional 1500 JMPD recruits are currently in training
  • City Parks budget for grass cutting etc. has been increased from R107 million to R207 million
  • JRA has been allocated R30 million up until 2020/21 for traffic calming measures in priority areas (e.g. around schools)


Property Rates

Tariffs remain unchanged but will be linked to the new valuation roll property values.

  • Basic rebate on all properties increased from R200 000 to R350 000
  • Pensioner rebates monthly income level set at R9245 (with property value under R2.5 million)
  • Pensioner rebate for 70+ persons R2.5 million (no income constraint)
  • Forms must be submitted before the end of June.

(More details go to: www.joburg.org.za/services_/Pages/City%20Services/Rebates/Pensioner-rebates.aspx)


Tariff increases for 2018/19

  • Electricity average tariff increases – 7.17%
  • Water and sanitation average tariff increase -13.2%
  • Waste removal—6.8%


To contact David Hensman, send an e-mail to:  dhensman@yebo.co.za