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New ERA Fees for Heritage Assessments and Letter and Endorsement of Building Plans on behalf of the Lourens Geldenhuys Family – effective 1 June 2022

17 MAY 2022


The schedule of fees for the above has not been increased since 2019.  (For more details about the background to these fees and what you need to do if you want to alter your house see here: https://era.org.za/building-and-renovations/  

ERA charges fees for two services to residents:

  1. Heritage assessments
  2. Endorsing building plans
  1. Heritage assessments

The Provincial Heritage Authority of Gauteng (PHRAG) requires a letter from the Residents’ Association as part of the submission by an applicant for heritage authority (for buildings over 60 years’ old).  ERA undertakes a full assessment, a site visit, scrutiny of all documents and prepares such a letter with a recommendation. When an application involves a demolition, even more care, research and advice is sought before making a recommendation.

Current Fee (since 2019): R900.00

2. Endorsing building plans as per the Lourens Geldenhuys Family (LGF) title deed conditions

Due to clauses in the title deeds of all Emmarentia properties and because the ERA acts on behalf of the LGF, a fee is charged for the endorsement.  It involves assessing the new plans, engaging with the architects and negotiating with them when the design is not compliant with the title deed conditions. This process can be time consuming and physically endorsing on three sets of plans also takes time. The City of Johannesburg will not approve your building plans without this endorsement.

Current Fee (since 2019):  on a sliding scale depending on the floor area added (e.g. up to 49m2 = R1 250 while areas over 250m2 = R2 500.  Residential 2, 3, 4 units = R1 200 per unit).

The fees are an important income for ERA and the building plan fees are shared with the Lourens Geldenhuys Family.

ERA new fees effective 1 June 2022*

ERA is an organization that serves the community and its residents. ERA is also an organization that has an interest in promoting the suburb, its maintenance and its future and therefore encourages compliance of the residents. 

Building Plans Fees

 ItemPrevious Fee (2019)New Fee effective 1 June 2022
   10% increase
1.Building plans (m2)Rands 
 0 – 491 2501 400
 50 – 991 5001 800
 100 – 1491 7501 925
 150 – 1992 0002 200
 200 – 250n/a2 475
 Over 2502 5002 750
2.New builds  
 New house2 7503 000
 New townhouses per unit (Res 2, 3)1 2001 325
 New apartments (Res 4)n/a1 200
3.Removal of restrictions  
 Per restrictive title clausen/a1 000

If you are a paid-up ERA member you will get a 5% discount on the above fees.

Heritage Letter Fees

 ItemPrevious (2019)New FeeNew Fee
  RandsNon-ERA memberERA member
 Letter for plans amendment – house over 60 years old9001 5001 200
 Letter for demolition of house over 60 years’ old9001 8001 500

Check here https://era.org.za/join-era/ to find out how you can become an ERA member and what it costs.

* Fees effective 1 June 2022; subject to review.