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Your chance to find out about service delivery failures – come to a Town Hall meeting – 12 April 18h00, Marks Park

ERA and Councillor Nicolene Jonker are organising a Town Hall meeting just for Emmarentia residents so you can find out:

  • why there is consistently no water coming out of our taps and what the plans are to improve this
  • why the pothole you reported two months ago is still not fixed
  • why fixing a leaking pipe in the road makes another problem – a gaping hole in the road that is never fixed, despite numerous requests and complaints

Send all those questions you want Joburg Water, City Power, Rand Water, JRA etc etc etc to answer and we will try and get them all to come to Marks Park on 12 April at 18h00.

Send all your questions to nicolene@ward88jhb.net and copy in info@era.org.za by 3 April so that the different entities have time to prepare their answers.

More info – contact nicolene@ward88jhb.net or info@era.org.za

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