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Have your say on the City’s spatial development framework (SDF)

Dear Emmarentia Residents

The City of Johannesburg uses a Spatial Development Frameworks (SDF) to guide future development and investment in the City.

In terms of legislation it is updated every five years.

The SDF is part of the City’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and is the spatial representation of development, future development and investment.

The City prepared the SDF 2040 in 2016 and later, in 2019 it added two further policies – the Nodal Review Policy and the Inclusionary Housing Policy as annexures to the SDF, after they were approved separately.  Part of this new update will be to integrate these policies, according to the City planners.

The City is now due to update the SDF as five years have passed since 2016.

They have been consulting with residents and stakeholders, such as Residents’ Association, professional bodies, private sector through virtual meetings and have called for inputs and comments on this SDF update.  They have prepared a Draft 2021/22 SDF for all stakeholders to comment on and the final date for submitting inputs has now been extended to the 11 May 2022.



This is an important spatial planning policy that affects our suburb, as witnessed with the approval of the mixed use development on the corner of Barry Hertzog Avenue/Gleneagles/Linden Roads. ERA has prepared a draft submission and has been part of a wider initiative with neighbouring Residents’ Associations to provide inputs on this Draft SDF. 


We would appreciate any comment or feedback on it or if you would like any points edited or added before we submit to the City on the 11 May 2022 please do let us know.  We can also provide the City’s SDF Statement and invitation to a Region B presentation on the SDF, scheduled for the 4 May between 9h30 and 11h30, if you would like to attend and pose any questions to the City Planners or just have your say – you will find the link to that meeting  in the SDF statement attachment

Please submit any comments back to ERA info@era.org.za by MONDAY 9 MAY 2022.  Also if you intend making your own submission to the City, please also copy ERA with your submission.

It is ERA’s mission to inform residents, have an active and empowered citizenry and to be transparent with information.  ERA believes that engaging in these important policies and plans is critical to the future of Emmarentia and in all of our best interests .  This SDF has the potential to impact significantly on Emmarentia and neighbouring suburbs by weakening local planning (e.g. our Precinct Plan has been set aside and no longer guides development) and imposing generic, denser, taller and mixed use development guidelines across our suburb (and many others) through the Nodal Review Policy.

Please also consider joining ERA and if you have a particular interest in planning, development and building  or heritage please get involved as we welcome your expertise and contribution.

All comments to be emailed to:


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