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ERA wants to know what you want done to improve our suburb

                                                            11 February 2022

Dear residents

The City of Johannesburg has sent out notices calling for participation in the 2022 budget and community-based Planning (CBP) through their outreach sessions in a virtual session on 21 February at 17h00 for our ward (and combined with several other wards).  The purpose of these sessions is to get inputs from residents on the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) (on which the City’s budget is formulated) and to identify community-based projects in our suburb.

ERA has consistently engaged residents each year to compile a submission for the IDP and we are again calling on our residents to identify potential capital (not maintenance and repair items) projects that will improve our suburb and which are needed. 

ERA submitted a comprehensive IDP input last year and we have also been monitoring whether the City and its Departments and Entities have done any of the projects we submitted.  Below you will see that we have had a measure of success, underscoring the importance of the City-driven process in keeping our suburb desirable and well-maintained.

For us all to participate in this process and for our voices to be heard, ERA would like to hold a Virtual meeting on 16 February 2022 at 18h00 where we can have an open discussion and get inputs from residents on priority capital projects for Emmarentia. If you’d like to attend, please e-mail info@era.org.za to get the link.

Our understanding is that any larger, multi-million rand capital projects are best noted for the IDP. Smaller, community-based projects in the suburb can be submitted as part of the community-based planning input: issues like broken kerbs, pavements, failed reinstatements (where Joburg Water has fixed a water leak in the road but the tar has not been replaced), roads which need resurfacing, broken stormwater drains fall into the CBP category.

Should you rather wish to e-mail your ideas directly to the City, please feel free to do so but please copy ERA on info@era.org.za so that we can be aware of all projects recommended and include them in one consolidated document.

Please do not hesitate to contact ERA should you require further information. Also forward this to your neighbours and encourage them to attend. Please join ERA – we are here to serve you! 

Hope to see you on 16 February.

Ayanda Mjekula

ERA Chairperson

Table of some items submitted by ERA in 2021 for the IDP and progress

ERA 2021 IDP itemProgress by the City
1. Joburg Water: Replacement of main pipeline on Hill/Kei/Komatie roadsNot effected.  But City has undertaken to replace another major pipeline that brings water to Emmarentia
2. City Power: Urgent replacement of mini-sub on Hill Road, corner MazoeThis was completed
3. City Parks: Replacement of sections of perimeter fence – Melville Koppies central and West  Yes
4. Removal of disused public toilet on Barry Hertzog Ave/Greenhill Road  YES
JRA: Traffic calming on Orange and Hill Roads to reduce speed of cars and make safer for cars and pedestrians. At the very least, mirrors should be installed on some corners to enable better visibility.Currently cars race down Orange Road and Hill Road. If you are driving from Troon towards Hill and Orange Roads it is impossible to see cars travelling on Hill and Orange. A pedestrian has been killed walking on Hill Road. Many cars have gone straight into the palisade fence of the park at the end of Orange Road as a result of travelling too fast

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