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Join a City of Joburg Community Based Planning outreach session – 3 March 2021

This is our Ward’s chance to take part in a planning session on requesting Capital Expenditure projects and to see what’s planned in the 2021/22 Financial Year. You can join Ward 88’s meeting online on 3 March at 17h00. (Wards 87, 90, 98, 99, 102, 104 & 117 who are also part of Region B will also attend)

Things that fall under Capital Expenditure include:

  • Sewer & water pipe replacements
  • Storm water upgrades
  • Road resurfacing
  • Traffic calming
  • New traffic lights
  • Fencing of any parks and storm water drains
  • Upgrading of sub-stations

So if you want to get a project on the budget radar, this is the meeting you MUST attend.

Click this link to attend the meeting on Wed 3 March: https://bit.ly/36SejzS

Once you click this link, you will see three options:

  • Download the Windows app
  • Continue on this browser
  • Open your teams app

If you don’t have Microsoft Teams and you don’t want to download the app, click on “Continue on this browser” to enter the meeting.

The agenda of the meeting is as follows:


1. OpeningChairperson of S79 Comittee
2. WelcomeWard Councillor
3. Virtual Engagement GuidelinesAdministrator
4. PresentationMMC
5. Community speaksStakeholders
6. Vote of ThanksCouncillor
7. Closure

If you can’t make the meeting:

The City has produced a video which gives you a bit of background about the CBP process. Find the link here:


NOTE: There is another session for Wards 68, 69, 70, 82, 86 & 89 on Sat 27 Feb at 9am. You are welcome to attend it, but the focus will be on these wards. Click here to attend this meeting: https://bit.ly/2LyoylE

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