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Nodal review – comment on COJ’s proposed densities for Johannesburg

At the ERA AGM on March 14, ERA EXCO member, Gemey Abrahams, urged residents to read the the City of Joburg’s draft proposals for future density in terms of its adopted 2040 plan. The Draft Nodal Review is a draft policy report that has been gazetted for comment and it can be found on http://arcg.is/2uoHuWc

You can also read background detail on http://bit.ly/nodal_rev_files You have until April 30 2018 to respond to these two documents. Send your comments/objections/representations to dylanw@joburg.org.za Please comment on each document in separate e-mails.

If you want to read more about the 2040 plan that provides the framework for these two documents, you can follow this link: http://bit.ly/jhbsdf2040

The Draft Nodal Review document shows you a map of the city where you can navigate and zoom in to find your street and suburb. The map is divided into hexagons which are 400m across at their widest point. The window is divided into two with the Left hand window showing a map of Johannesburg with the densification potential as a percentage.  The Right hand window displays a map of the proposed development zone level for each of those hexagons across the city.

The bulk of Emmarentia is classified as Development Zone 4; the remaining part of Emmarentia is classed as Development Zone 3 which allows higher densities than Zone 4.

Gemey is following up with the City to get further clarification on the proposals. Watch this space.

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