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Renovating, building, buying? Helping you tick off all the boxes:

ERA’s town planner, Gemey Abrahams, tells you how to make sure your big investment follows all the legal requirements.

1. Check the property’s building plans. Banks require current plans when granting a mortgage so any unauthorised alterations will need to be shown on approved plans.  These plans must first be approved by ERA before the Council.

2. Check the property’s title deeds. In Emmarentia the original township owner, Lourens Geldenhuys, who also bequeathed us the green spaces of Marks Park, the Botanical Gardens and Emmarentia Dam, retains certain rights in the title deeds. These include conditions such as approving building plans and roofing materials.

ERA acts on behalf of the Lourens Geldenhuys Family to grant title deed consents and so all plans must first come to ERA and be endorsed before submitting them to the Council. It is advised that you discuss your building renovations with ERA before finalising them so that we can ensure that the title deed conditions are adhered to.

All building alterations in Emmarentia must first be approved by ERA so plans must be submitted to us before submitting to the Council.

3. Get your original house plans. Any house/structure built from 1959 falls under the heritage provisions of the National Heritage Act and must get heritage approval for any alteration. The Provincial Heritage Authority of Gauteng (PHRA – G) requires a letter of recommendation from ERA, prior to giving heritage approval. ERA is actively endeavouring to retain elements of our heritage and history and we encourage all residents and prospective buyers to retain the heritage of their properties. Original building plans are available from the City Council in Braamfontein.

4. Always check the planning rights for your property or prospective property. You may be intending to buy or develop your property and this might not be permitted so before costly investments are made, always check first. ERA can advise on this.

ERA is here to assist all existing and prospective Emmarentia residents with  their building/renovation/purchasing and development queries because we believe empowered residents make good decisions and this benefits the whole suburb and its future. Contact ERA on info@era.org.za or call Gemey Abrahams on 082 459 5266

Please note that the City of Joburg is cracking down on illegal buildings/alterations. Recently they have been instituting penalty rates of 4 times the value of the property. You have been warned!