Emmarentia Residents Association info@era.org.za (000) 111-1111

Did you know:

* Special Votes for those that are not able to vote on May 8

If you are unable to get to a voting station eg. if you are disabled, bed-ridden, elderly apply online to www.elections.org.za. Applications only open on the website from 4-18 April. (OR contact your political party to assist you with the process.) IEC officials will make home visits on May 6. Or if you want to avoid the queues, apply on the same form to vote on May 7.

* Shot hole borer

The shot hole borer cohabits with a fungus deep inside tree trunks. It creates pathways that run across the vascular system of the tree, stopping the flow of nutrients up and down the tree, causing the tree to wilt and sometimes die.

ERA is planning to work with City Parks to examine all the suburb’s pavement trees for signs of the borer. ERA will also invite Urban Forest Alliance to come and educate residents on how to identify it in trees in your own gardens. If anyone is interested in supporting ERA on this initiative, or learning more about how to identify it on your trees, e-mail info@era.org.za

NOTE: There is still no cure for the borer so don’t be fooled into buying expensive pesticides and fungicides.