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Covid-19 – How you can help, 11 April 2020

Dear Emmarentia residents

What we suspected would happen, has happened and on Thursday night 9 April, the President took the difficult but correct decision to extend the lockdown until the end of April. We were heartened by his statement that both he and the cabinet would be donating a third of their salaries to the Solidarity Fund for the next three months. 

In this spirit of giving we have drawn up a list of organisations that are doing special Covid-19 work (some of whose names were supplied by our own residents) that are in need of your support.

We know you’re generous, we’ve seen your huge response to the request for food, bedding etc. for the new shelter in Windsor.

The list of organisations we’ve drawn up is diverse. It ranges from the official Solidarity Fund and large NGOs with national reach like Gift of the Givers to other much smaller and localised ones. Some need cash donations, others need expertise, there’s also a site that caters specifically for children and has projects where children can volunteer.

We are sure that we have left some organisations out and if we have, we do apologise and urge you to send us details so that we can add them to the list. See below:


Children’s activities during lockdown

We know that almost three more weeks without school is going to be a challenge for parents and children. Some of you have older children and have access to computers and data and school lessons should start soon online and this should relieve the pressure a little.

It’s the young ones with boundless energy that are missing their school friends that will be the real challenge. And many of you will be trying to juggle work from home while trying to entertain little ones.

Please share with us how you are keeping your children entertained/busy. Share your tips and tricks, perhaps it’s a special website, a game, or anything that’s created excitement in your home. E-mail us on info@era.org.za or on our Facebook page – Emmarentia Residents Association. We’d also like to know any websites that don’t require data and that children can access for free. The next newsletter will put all this info together, hopefully in the next week. Please send to us by Thursday 16 April.

And if you have extra toys, books, puzzles that you have to donate, please let us know. Or if you know of any young children in the suburb who are not able to go to school because of lockdown and who don’t have many toys and play things but who would benefit from them, please let us know and we will see how we can connect the two.

And remember, wear masks when you go out.

Note: Thanks to Parkview Residents Association for some of the information included in the list of organisations.

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