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Municipal by election in Ward 88

On April 25 2018, there will be a by election in Ward 88 which covers Emmarentia, Roosevelt Park, Montgomery Park and some other neighbouring areas. Register, update or confirm your address details on the voters’ roll on 10-11 March from 8am – 5pm at Emmarentia Primary School. Take along your ID, ID card or Temporary ID Card.

You may also check the your voting details here: https://www.elections.org.za/MyIEC/Account/Login (requires registration) or by sms-ing your ID number to 32810.

How to object to your new valuation

If you don’t agree with the new value COJ has set for your house, you have from 20 February until 15h00 on 6 April 2018 to object.

You can object by going into one of their offices or do it online: https://coj2018.evaluations.co.za/eServices

You can submit some or all of these, if relevant, (either online or hand in):

  • Photos of any defects in your property, servitudes, restrictions etc. that you think materially affect the value of your property
  • A valuation report (it must be for July 2017)
  • An estate agent’s estimate (it must be for July 2017)
  • Recent sales of houses similar to yours in the same street, neighbourhood
  • An offer to purchase that shows a lower amount than COJ has valued your property
  • Any development or building close by that you think has reduced your property value

All new rates on this new valuation will be charged from 1 July 2018. Note that if after you have objected, an on-site inspection is done by COJ, it is possible that COJ could find that a higher value is justified in which case your valuation will increase not decrease.

For more info call: COJ call centre —087 365 3094

Statistics given by mayoral committee member, Funzela Ngobeni on the new property values:

  • 4.61% of properties had decreased in value
  • 40.71% – increased between 21% and 40%
  • 30.65% – increased between 41% and 60%
  • 8% – increased between 61% and 80%
  • 2.2% – increased between 81% and 100%
  • 3.38% – increased by more than 100%

Figures quoted in IOL online, 26 February 2018

If you want to read more about the COJ’s valuation policy read the document here.

COJ GV 2018 Handbook