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Pensioners are urged to reapply for their pensioner rebates to be reinstated

Dear Residents

Are you a pensioner who owns a property?
Remember the end of September

The implementation of the City of Joburg’s 2018 General Valuation Roll requires all pensioner property owners to re-apply for their pensioner rates rebate.

Qualifying pensioners can take advantage of the City’s offer to have their rebate backdated to 1 July 2018, if they apply before or on 30 September 2018.

Application forms can be downloaded below:

60-69 years old:


Over 70 years old:


Domestic workers watch revived

ERA has revived the monthly domestic workers watch meetings from September 26th to December 2018. Open to all domestic workers in Emmarentia, the meetings will cover various issues. The meetings will take place at the Emmarentia Sailing Club on Louw Geldenhuys Road from 10h00 – 11h30.

“The Emmarentia domestic watch was a good thing,” says Molly, one of the domestic workers who attended the previous Domestic Watch meetings. 

“It was a good thing to meet with other ladies, we shared a lot of things,” says Molly. “We taught each other about being aware of things happening around our workplace, to be always alert, even when walking in the street.”

The first talk is on identify theft on September 26. Cost (ERA is appealing to employers to cover the costs) R50 per session (to pay for speaker) plus R20 for tea.

Contact Anne Askew, ERA on 082 604 5806 or e-mail info@era.org.za to book places.

City taking steps to minimise the shot hole borer

The City is responding to the outbreak and is pleading with residents to inform them of any suspected infected tree, particularly trees in public spaces. For more details read here: https://www.joburg.org.za/media_/MediaStatements/Pages/2018%20Press%20Releases/City-taking-steps-to-minimize-the-impact-of-the-Polyphagous-Shot-Hole-Borer.aspx

How can you help?

The city has now joined the private initiative where it is trying to respond to trees in public spaces that are infected by PSHB.

Do you use the Gautrain regularly and would you like the Gautrain bus to add Emmarentia to its route?

Gautrain Bus Demand Survey provides opportunity for both current and potential Gautrain passengers that would like to use Gautrain bus from their point of origin to the station and from the station to their final destination. The data will assist in the planning for the expansion of the Gautrain bus networks at various Gautrain stations. This survey also allows the participants to set their geographical location. The geo-location helps the GMA to analyse the spatial distribution of Gautrain passengers in order to determine the best route to service the area and to place bus stops.


  • The information provided by participants will not be shared with any third party.
  • Your responses are entirely voluntary, and you may refuse to complete any part or all of this survey. This survey is designed to be anonymous, meaning that the information will be used by the GMA only and does not require your personal information except your location.

If you want to complete the survey go to https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/b9cdf26fc13a47c090e405b6eedc1e3c

COJ agrees to Buffalo/Niger Road closures – you have until 12 September to lodge objections

Residents of Buffalo Road and Niger Road in Emmarentia applied to the City of Johannesburg (COJ) for restricted access to their roads on the grounds of security concerns. COJ has approved this restricted access (see page 2 of the document below) in Provincial Notice 833 of 2018 in the Provincial Gazette number 228, dated 15 August 2018.

However, this is subject to Emmarentia residents and any other person that uses these roads agreeing to this. COJ has authorised the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) to give effect to the restrictions and manage the consultative process in relations to these. Comments must be submitted on or before 15 September 2018.

ERA is managing the process of collecting comments from residents so please email info@emmarentia.co.za by 12 September 2018 so that we may consolidate the views expressed and submit a detailed response within the deadline.

See also:


for the original documents submitted by the applicants:

And read below for a short summary – this includes the details of which roads are affected and what times:

Road Closures final

Proposed Road Closure – Buffalo Road (East) & Niger Road (South)

Several residents on these roads have applied for the closure of these roads.

The application was published in the Government Gazette on 15 August 2018.

You have thirty days from this date to comment, in writing, to the:

Traffic Engineering Department
JRA (Pty) Ltd
666 Sauer Street


Traffic Engineering Department
JRA (Pty) Ltd
Braamfontein X70
2107 Braamfontein 2107

You do not have to be a resident of the suburb to make a comment.

Buffalo Niger Road Closure Application
Annexure 1- Traffic Assessment
Annexures to Traffic Assessment
Annexure 2 Crime Stats
Annexure 3 Security Services Quote
Annexure 4 Owner List
Annexure 5 Residents Supporting
Annexure 6 Residents Against & Neutral

ERA wants to record Emmarentia’s history

We want to interview people who have lived in Emmarentia for a long time. We’d like to hear those long ago stories and the more recent ones that have changed the face of our suburb. If you’d like to share your stories and/or your photos or refer us to someone who used to live here or help us gather those stories, please contact us on  info@era.org.za, or write us a letter at PO Box 84582, Greenside, 2034. Read more at http://era.org.za/era-wants-to-record-emmarentias-history/


Walk the Talk 22 July – road closures, residents’ permits

Walk the Talk hits Marks Park on 22 July. For details of road closures, residents’ permits etc please check here: http://era.org.za/event/walk-the-talk/ 

Opening hours of Emmarentia Park – Your views needed

Over the last few months there have been a number of muggings and thefts and attempted thefts of cellphones in the dog part of the Botanical Gardens.

ERA has been engaging with City Parks as well as CAP and JMPD. City Parks says that safety in the park is JMPD’s job, it can do nothing. However, it is proposing that all entrance gates are locked between 6pm and 6am to try and reduce these incidents.

Meanwhile ERA is continuing to discuss with various bodies other ways to decrease these incidents and make the park safer. One option we are investigating is to mount panic buttons on poles in the park linked to a security provider.

We need to know whether you would be prepared to:

  • pay a monthly fee OR
  • crowd fund for such a service

What do you think of changing the opening and closing times and panic buttons in the park. E-mail to info@era.org.za 

Juma/Jura races – Marks Park June 2-3

Juma / Jura Races

Just a reminder of these races on June 2-3. Please check this link to find out which roads are closed in Emmarentia and when:  http://www.joziadventure.co.za/jura-residents-info/

The race starts and finishes at Marks Park

Contact race organiser, Mark Castel – 082 969 9129 – on the day with any problems