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Do you use the Gautrain regularly and would you like the Gautrain bus to add Emmarentia to its route?

Gautrain Bus Demand Survey provides opportunity for both current and potential Gautrain passengers that would like to use Gautrain bus from their point of origin to the station and from the station to their final destination. The data will assist in the planning for the expansion of the Gautrain bus networks at various Gautrain stations. This survey also allows the participants to set their geographical location. The geo-location helps the GMA to analyse the spatial distribution of Gautrain passengers in order to determine the best route to service the area and to place bus stops.


  • The information provided by participants will not be shared with any third party.
  • Your responses are entirely voluntary, and you may refuse to complete any part or all of this survey. This survey is designed to be anonymous, meaning that the information will be used by the GMA only and does not require your personal information except your location.

If you want to complete the survey go to https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/b9cdf26fc13a47c090e405b6eedc1e3c

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