Emmarentia Residents Association info@era.org.za (000) 111-1111


The Emmarentia Residents Association (ERA) is run by Emmarentia residents for the residents of Emmarentia.

We work to ensure that Emmarentia remains a peaceful and desirable suburb to live in.

The ERA Committee is comprised of volunteer Emmarentia residents who work in areas such as security, town planning, heritage, environment, infrastructure and communication so as to better the suburb.

The position of Secretary on ERA’s Executive Committee (Exco) is currently vacant (as at May 2019). If any resident is keen or wants more information about this position, please e-mail info@era.org.za (Note: all Exco positions are voluntary – there is no remuneration for the task).

The job of a secretary is to draft the agenda, attend and take the minutes of the monthly meetings, and the annual general meeting.

If you would like to join ERA or become a volunteer, or want to know anything, contact us on info@era.org.za or post to PO Box 84582 Greenside 2034

Read ERA’s Constitution here http://era.org.za/constitution/